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Vincent Bevins √© colaborador do jornal brit√Ęnico 'Financial Times' e correspondente no Brasil do 'Los Angeles Times'. Escrito em ingl√™s, blog aborda principais acontecimentos do Brasil sob o olhar de um estrangeiro.



Rio Olympic spending turns from gold to bronze

As the Rio Olympics draw closer, organizers are cutting costs – but it may have¬†more to do with Brazil’s crumbling¬†economy than IOC initiatives or financial good governance. Jules Boykoff, author of “Power Games: A Political History of the Olympics” explains.¬†¬† By Jules Boykoff Rio de Janeiro Back in 2009, when the International Olympic Committee awarded(…)

Crime and punishment in Brazil

Overcrowded, unsafe, and wracked¬†by sickening levels of violence, Brazil’s prisons¬†were described by a report published last week as a “human rights disaster”. To make matters worse,¬†many inmates have not yet been convicted but¬†must endure months in¬†appalling¬†conditions while they wait for their case to be heard. ¬†¬† By James Young Belo Horizonte If, as Dostoyevsky put(…)

Brazil’s political crisis explained

While much has been made of Brazil’s economic¬†downturn,¬†a¬†toxic political climate is equally responsible for the current woes of President Dilma Rousseff and her government. Mauricio Savarese¬†looks at the complex backdrop to the crisis. By Mauricio Savarese S√£o Paulo There is no easy explanation as to why, just under a year¬†after being reelected¬†by a narrow margin,(…)

Brazil welcomes refugees with open arms

Brazil president Dilma Rousseff declared last week that the country would welcome refugees “with open arms” and talked of the important role¬†immigration has played in Brazilian history. But can¬†such optimism survive the tensions that surround the issue?¬† By James Young Belo Horizonte Surrounded by a¬†withering¬†economic crisis, the billowing¬†Petrobras corruption scandal, a kick-in-the-teeth¬†credit rating downgrade, and(…)

TV from the dark ages shines spotlight on Brazil’s race debate

Recent high-profile examples of prejudice¬†have stirred up the complex race debate in Brazil, a country that has in the past claimed to be¬†built on foundations of racial democracy.¬† By James Young Belo Horizonte From the glorious colonial architecture of Ouro Preto in the hills of Minas Gerais to the exquisite Teatro Amazonas in Manaus, Brazil(…)

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