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Tristes Tropiques – Brazil’s gloomy 2015 in review

The economy tanked, President Dilma Rousseff faced toxic approval ratings and the threat of impeachment, the shoddy, megalomaniacal caperings of the likes of Eduardo Cunha, the Speaker of the country‚Äôs Lower House, dragged an already grubby political landscape further into the mire, and the internet reflected back a society that often seemed riven by social(…)

Who’s who in the battle for Brazil?

Why do ‘pro-government’ protesters battle cops, while pro-impeachment protesters hug them? Which team are these guys on, again? A guide to the current¬†crisis Vincent Bevins S√£o Paulo I just spent a month away from Brazil, which served to remind me of¬†just how inscrutable the struggles currently rocking this country are to foreign observers. They¬†may know(…)

Terror in Brazil’s prisons

A gruesome video recently released is only one example of a penitentiary system often dominated by medieval conditions and shocking violence, Dom Phillips reports, and quasi-feudal political arrangements in the state of Maranh√£o have done little to improve the system there. By Dom Phillips It cannot have been an easy decision for this newspaper to(…)

Congress vs. the Supreme Court

After months of conflict, some in Congress (above) proposed a surprising bill to limit Supreme Court powers. It was quickly laughed aside, but we do still have an interesting fight over Brazil’s messy democracy on our hands. A battle has been heating up between two branches of Brazil’s government. So far, it’s culminated in legislative(…)