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Tristes Tropiques – Brazil’s gloomy 2015 in review

The economy tanked, President Dilma Rousseff faced toxic approval ratings and the threat of impeachment, the shoddy, megalomaniacal caperings of the likes of Eduardo Cunha, the Speaker of the country‚Äôs Lower House, dragged an already grubby political landscape further into the mire, and the internet reflected back a society that often seemed riven by social(…)

Crime and punishment in Brazil

Overcrowded, unsafe, and wracked¬†by sickening levels of violence, Brazil’s prisons¬†were described by a report published last week as a “human rights disaster”. To make matters worse,¬†many inmates have not yet been convicted but¬†must endure months in¬†appalling¬†conditions while they wait for their case to be heard. ¬†¬† By James Young Belo Horizonte If, as Dostoyevsky put(…)