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Brazil’s political crisis explained

While much has been made of Brazil’s economic¬†downturn,¬†a¬†toxic political climate is equally responsible for the current woes of President Dilma Rousseff and her government. Mauricio Savarese¬†looks at the complex backdrop to the crisis. By Mauricio Savarese S√£o Paulo There is no easy explanation as to why, just under a year¬†after being reelected¬†by a narrow margin,(…)

Marina Silva’s surprise alliance

By Dom Phillips Brazilian presidential hopeful Marina Silva took everybody by surprise¬†Saturday¬†when she joined forces with Eduardo Campos of the PSB party. The two will team up to fight the 2014 presidential election, with Silva most likely campaigning as Campos‚Äôs vice-president. Now the race suddenly looks interesting. Joining an existing party was the only way(…)

No party for Marina Silva

By Dom Phillips Last night, in a tense, high-profile ruling, Brazil‚Äôs electoral court decided that a new party set up by Marina Silva, a popular opposition politician, could not fight in next year‚Äôs presidential elections. Silva‚Äôs party, the Rede Sustentabilidade, or Sustainability Network, had not registered enough members at election notary offices throughout Brazil by(…)

Brazil 2012 – year in review

This year, the country didn’t deliver on everything international observers thought the country had promised, but Brazil still remains one of the 21st century’s most remarkable success stories. 2013 could be decisive. For those paying attention to Brazil headlines, 2012 was mostly a bad year. For some, it was enough to re-evaluate the status as(…)

A tale of two elections – Brazil and Venezuela

In many ways, political culture in South America’s two most-watched countries couldn’t be more different. Brazilian voters, like this one walking over campaign flyers yesterday, are less politicized, and choose between candidates who agree on the big questions. Yesterday, Brazilians and Venezuelans went to the polls. Here, voters broadly voted to maintain the powers that(…)