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Brazilian football and (corrupt) politics – a brief history

Brazilians’ love¬†for soccer has been exploited¬†by crooks, dictators, and dirty politicians for decades. Above, dictator¬†Emilio M√©dici celebrates after his country’s 1970 World Cup victory. By Mauricio Savarese When former Brazilian soccer boss Jos√© Maria Marin was arrested in Switzerland at the end of May, most fans here just knew him as the old guy that(…)

Before and after the World Cup

The very fun World Cup confounded expectations while exposing some deep truths. Was it all worth it? ¬†Above, dismantling the extra seats at S√£o Paulo’s Itaquer√£o Stadium. James Young Belo Horizonte It is January. The foreign journalist sits at his desk in London (or New York or Berlin) and thinks about the World Cup. The(…)

Copa week 2 – I told you so

The government must be relieved that things have gone relatively smoothly, though a Brazil loss still strikes terror into the hearts of many here. With protests and strife in the background for now, many Brazilians have been mixing with foreigners meaningfully for the first time. James Young Belo Horizonte For the last few months the(…)

Soccer and US-Brazil relations

U.S.-Brazil relations are still strained due to¬†allegations of high-level NSA spying and corporate espionage.¬†In the unlikely event that the US team makes a strong showing at the World Cup this year, how would Brazilians respond? Any chances of success hinge on today’s game against Portugal. Nathan Walters Rio de Janeiro I am always surprised when(…)

Brazil and US visas – a reciprocal headache

As many annoyed travelers are currently finding out, visas are required even for tourist travel between the two countries. It’s the consequence of ‘reciprocity,’ which increasingly feels like officials in Washington and Bras√≠lia needlessly banging their heads against one other. But in the wake of the Snowden revelations, things are not likely to improve. Anna(…)