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Vincent Bevins é colaborador do jornal britânico 'Financial Times' e correspondente no Brasil do 'Los Angeles Times'. Escrito em inglês, blog aborda principais acontecimentos do Brasil sob o olhar de um estrangeiro.



From Brazil – About this blog

Por Vincent Bevins

“From Brazil” is an English-language blog on the site of Folha de S.Paulo, Brazil’s largest-circulation newspaper. That pretty much explains the forms that this experimental project will probably take.

The goal is to highlight news, analysis, commentary, or any other items of interest to the world outside Brazil. It’s written by a foreigner, me, but in partnership with the local publication that is most deeply involved with reporting and creating news here. It’s aimed at non-Brazilians and Brazilians alike, but will never assume a level of background knowledge a Brazilian would have.

Optimistically, we will have at least one post per working day. Optimistically, we will have plenty of readers, and plenty of interaction with them. Please leave comments, or feel free to contact me by email or twitter with suggestions, ideas, etc. I don’t see why we couldn’t even have guest posts.

This is a work in progress, so do let us know how you’d like it to evolve.




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