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Brazil tourism: forget the gringos

Por Vincent Bevins

How has tourism been doing in Brazil? Just fine, much like the rest of the economy. But that’s not because of foreigners coming to visit the beautiful country. We haven’t really been able to afford that recently.

It’s the locals. The numbers of Brazilians travelling around their own country has shot up in the last five years.

In this piece for the Financial Times, I write that with 95% of travel and tourism driven by domestic spending, Brazil now has one of the least international tourist industries in the world.

Take a stroll down Copacabana Beach these days, or talk to hotel workers around Rio, and it’s clear that the tourist industry in Brazil is doing just fine. But it’s not the stereotypical sunburnt gringos that are powering the sector. Almost all of the growth is coming from Brazilians travelling around their own country.

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