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Brazil 2013, in stories

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In deference to what now seems a rule mandating publications to ‘wrap up’ the past year, this is a list of some of the articles, in English, that told the story of Brazil in 2013. For this we turned to Sergio Charlab, a Brazilian journalist who maintains a very active Twitter with updates on pieces written by foreign correspondents, bloggers, and other writers trying to explain Brazil. All text below by Sergio.

By Sergio Charlab

Brazil was generous in offering great writing material and inspiration for all sort of stories in 2013. Luckily, the country also had a good year hosting, or receiving for a quick assignment, a great selection of writers. It was a tough call. I can’t say some good stories weren’t left behind. So…a list of the ‘Best stories of 2013.’ But I broke the rules: we have one legendary item in Portuguese, from a French guy working for Google in Belo Horizonte!

[In chronological order]

1. “Rio, With Eyes Open” by Jodi Kantor. New York Times
2. “Cars made in Brazil are deadly” by Bradley Brooks. Associated Press
3. “Curiosidades Brasileiras” by Olivier Teboul. O outro diário d Olivier [PORTUGUESE] – English translation here
4. “Fear and loathing in São Paulo“, by Claire Rigby. From Brazil-Folha
5. “Explaining Brazil’s vinegar revolt” by Greg Michener and Chris Gaffney. Al Jazeera
6. “Prices fuel outrage in Brazil, home of the $30 cheese pizza” by Simon Romero. New York Times
7. “Jorge Lemann: He is…the World’s Most Interesting Billionare” by Alex Cuadros. Bloomberg
8. “Analysis: Brazil and U.S., like star-crossed lovers, foiled again” by Brian Winter. Reuters
9. “Grounded” – special report by Helen Joyce. The Economist
10. “In Brazil, more buildings are seized by residents in need of housing” by Vincent Bevins. Los Angeles Times
11. “A yellow card, the unfathomable violence, in Brazil” by Jeré Longman and Taylor Barnes. The New York Times
12. “Into Brazil: mountains and waterfalls” by Dom Phillips. Folha/From Brazil
13. “Generation June” by Wright Thompson. ESPN

By way of introduction…I run the rather prolific Twitter handle @scharlab, or Brazil Character Lab. It’s a simple—but ambitious—digital media think tank where I try to understand and partially automate all human judgments related to finding, reading, evaluating and sharing news. The visible part of this is the English language news aggregator Twitter on Brazil. Tweet by tweet, in a process already repeated thousands of times, I get raw data to number crunch. From there, reading variable by variable, I can analyze the results in the hope of coming up with ideas to help keep alive an audience for news and journalism, two of my greatest passions.

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