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Demilitarizing Brazil’s violent police

One officer speaks out about death squads and a public backlash against a police system they know is broken. Above, the Folha cover photo which helped to spur on Brazil’s June protests.  Of all the complex and sometimes contradictory consequences of the demonstrations in Brazil since June, the clearest lesson may have been that the(…)

São Paulo protests – what do they mean?

Brazil-watchers have all seen that protests exploded into violence last night, and that the police handled the situation horribly and perhaps even maliciously, over-reacting, letting the situation get out of control, and committing shocking acts of violence. None of that is actually in dispute anymore. Claire Rigby described the tension and fear last night excellently(…)

Fear and loathing in São Paulo

Claire Rigby describes the nightmare scenes she lived through in last night’s protest, as well as a society grappling with the idea of protest itself. Above, Folha’s own Giuliana Vallone, shot in the face with a rubber bullet. By Claire Rigby I took my press card to the demonstration in São Paulo last night, seeing a(…)

Back to work for Carnival

Ideally, police are the solution to the problem, not the cause. But for the last week, most attention here in Brazil has been focused on police strikes that probably led to a number of deaths and at one point seemed to threaten the country’s extremely important Carnival celebrations. It now looks like things will more(…)