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Brazil’s five election surprises

Sunday was full of surprises, and most of them dispiriting for the groups that thought they’d made gains during last year’s protests. Here’s the five biggest. By Mauricio Savarese 1 – Marina Silva out of the run-off From presidential front-runner to the falling star of Brazil’s politics. The former environment minister was a bad player from(…)

Rio and graffiti artists – friends or foes?

After years of an uneasy relationship between Rio’s government and technically illegal street art, a new decree passed by Mayor Eduardo Paes has divided the city’s much-celebrated community of graffiti artists. Above, artist PXE approaches a wall in Arpoador.  By Nathan Walters On a purely aesthetic level, pixação—the spiky black glyphs that pop up at dangerously(…)

Rio – It’s a jungle out there

A brush with what appeared to be a shark and a large-scale beach robbery leads Dom Phillips to reflect on Rio de Janeiro, a city that despite talk of pacification, often reminds residents of a wildness lurking beneath the surface. Above, cops being ineffective in Ipanema. By Dom Phillips It may not have been a shark.(…)

Inside Brazil’s ‘Black Bloc’ protests

Dom Phillips reports from inside Brazil’s most recent protests in Rio and talks to a ‘Black Bloc’ style protester, whose clashes with police have increasingly dominated coverage of the demonstrations and may even be scaring other protesters away. All photos Dom Phillips By Dom Phillips There were seven protests planned in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday – Brazilian(…)

Popeweek 2013

In 2013, this is what it looks like when the Pope is about to pass by in front of crowds. Smartphones and cameras everywhere. It’s Popeweek here in Rio de Janeiro, and that has absolutely dominated news coverage. Since my main employer, the LA Times, is a newspaper in a Catholic-heavy city in a very(…)