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Brazil 2012 – year in review

This year, the country didn’t deliver on everything international observers thought the country had promised, but Brazil still remains one of the 21st century’s most remarkable success stories. 2013 could be decisive. For those paying attention to Brazil headlines, 2012 was mostly a bad year. For some, it was enough to re-evaluate the status as(…)

Corinthians vs. Boca for the South American championship

By Dom Phillips Anyone with a feel for Brazilian soccer should tune into Wednesday night’s final: Argentina‚Äôs Boca Juniors against S√£o Paulo‚Äôs Corinthians. This heavyweight title fight is the first leg in a two-game final to decide the Libertadores South America-wide club competition ‚Äď the continent‚Äôs equivalent of Europe‚Äôs Champions League. All eyes in Brazil(…)

The people’s team

The legions of fans in the outskirts of S√£o Paulo that celebrate and suffer along with Corinthians, arguably Brazil’s toughest soccer team, are maddeningly close to clinching the South American title. By Dom Phillips ‚ÄúHawk steals reporters cell-phone at Corinthians training,‚ÄĚ is not a headline sports reporters tend to write. Yesterday one did. The story(…)