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Dilma’s approval rating

President Dilma Rousseff’s performance in the polls has been absolutely disastrous recently. At the same time, it is misleading to say, in English, that her “approval rating” is 10%. That is because unlike polls done on American presidents, Brazil’s Datafolha polling system is tripartite. Respondents are given three options. They can rate the government “good/great,”(…)

Who’s who in the battle for Brazil?

Why do ‘pro-government’ protesters battle cops, while pro-impeachment protesters hug them? Which team are these guys on, again? A guide to the current¬†crisis Vincent Bevins S√£o Paulo I just spent a month away from Brazil, which served to remind me of¬†just how inscrutable the struggles currently rocking this country are to foreign observers. They¬†may know(…)

Brazil’s five election surprises

Sunday was full of surprises, and most of them dispiriting for the groups¬†that thought they’d made gains during last year’s protests. Here’s the five biggest. By Mauricio Savarese 1 – Marina Silva out of the run-off From presidential front-runner to the falling star of Brazil’s politics. The former environment minister was a bad player from(…)

Brazil 2013, in stories

In deference to what now seems a rule mandating publications to ‘wrap up’ the past year, this is a list of some of the articles, in English, that told the story of Brazil in 2013. For this we turned to Sergio Charlab, a Brazilian journalist who maintains a very active Twitter¬†with updates on pieces written(…)

Life in S√£o Paulo’s occupied buildings – photos

Photos Juliana Knobel Text Vincent Bevins Take a walk around the center of S√£o Paulo, South America’s largest city, and you’ll see a number of buildings covered in graffiti and revolutionary red flags. They’re abandoned structures occupied by left-wing social movements, and serve as living protests to pressure the government to provide for the millions(…)