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Tristes Tropiques – Brazil’s gloomy 2015 in review

The economy tanked, President Dilma Rousseff faced toxic approval ratings and the threat of impeachment, the shoddy, megalomaniacal caperings of the likes of Eduardo Cunha, the Speaker of the country‚Äôs Lower House, dragged an already grubby political landscape further into the mire, and the internet reflected back a society that often seemed riven by social(…)

Rio Olympic spending turns from gold to bronze

As the Rio Olympics draw closer, organizers are cutting costs – but it may have¬†more to do with Brazil’s crumbling¬†economy than IOC initiatives or financial good governance. Jules Boykoff, author of “Power Games: A Political History of the Olympics” explains.¬†¬† By Jules Boykoff Rio de Janeiro Back in 2009, when the International Olympic Committee awarded(…)

Brazil’s political crisis explained

While much has been made of Brazil’s economic¬†downturn,¬†a¬†toxic political climate is equally responsible for the current woes of President Dilma Rousseff and her government. Mauricio Savarese¬†looks at the complex backdrop to the crisis. By Mauricio Savarese S√£o Paulo There is no easy explanation as to why, just under a year¬†after being reelected¬†by a narrow margin,(…)

Brazil’s five election surprises

Sunday was full of surprises, and most of them dispiriting for the groups¬†that thought they’d made gains during last year’s protests. Here’s the five biggest. By Mauricio Savarese 1 – Marina Silva out of the run-off From presidential front-runner to the falling star of Brazil’s politics. The former environment minister was a bad player from(…)

The worst thing about Brazil

Brazil’s brutal inequality is so ubiquitous that those who live here simply stop noticing it. An unexpected message¬†from abroad serves as a reminder of the topic that is so rarely discussed here, in society, the media, or the current election. I’ve been living in Brazil for over four years now, which has¬†been incredible in almost(…)