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The northeast and Brazil’s internal divide

Brazil is divided economically, socially and politically between its two major population centers, the wealthier¬†Southeast and the historically richer Northeast, so much so that prejudice still exists. Far too few appreciate the ways in which¬†the fiercely proud, culturally rich Northeast¬†revels in its uniqueness.¬† by James Young A week after Brazilian football was rocked by the(…)

Copa week 2 – I told you so

The government must be relieved that things have gone relatively smoothly, though a Brazil loss still strikes terror into the hearts of many here. With protests and strife in the background for now, many Brazilians have been mixing with foreigners meaningfully for the first time. James Young Belo Horizonte For the last few months the(…)

Soccer and US-Brazil relations

U.S.-Brazil relations are still strained due to¬†allegations of high-level NSA spying and corporate espionage.¬†In the unlikely event that the US team makes a strong showing at the World Cup this year, how would Brazilians respond? Any chances of success hinge on today’s game against Portugal. Nathan Walters Rio de Janeiro I am always surprised when(…)

Brazil vs. England, at Maracan√£

Though both the stadium and Brazil’s national side are still ‘under construction,’ Sunday’s match was a largely successful and inspiring example of what the World Cup here can be. Above, a dedicated England fan…who is Brazilian. By Dom Phillips Be careful around the Maracan√£, because that part of town can be a bit sketchy, one¬†carioca,(…)

Corinthians vs. Boca for the South American championship

By Dom Phillips Anyone with a feel for Brazilian soccer should tune into Wednesday night’s final: Argentina‚Äôs Boca Juniors against S√£o Paulo‚Äôs Corinthians. This heavyweight title fight is the first leg in a two-game final to decide the Libertadores South America-wide club competition ‚Äď the continent‚Äôs equivalent of Europe‚Äôs Champions League. All eyes in Brazil(…)

The people’s team

The legions of fans in the outskirts of S√£o Paulo that celebrate and suffer along with Corinthians, arguably Brazil’s toughest soccer team, are maddeningly close to clinching the South American title. By Dom Phillips ‚ÄúHawk steals reporters cell-phone at Corinthians training,‚ÄĚ is not a headline sports reporters tend to write. Yesterday one did. The story(…)