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Why is Brazil important?

– After a decade of economic growth and explosive protests, how does one explain what Brazil is to the outside world? Mauricio Savarese, a journalist from S√£o Paulo, recounts his experiences over the last year in London, and dealing with a reputation often defined by old stereotypes or a tiny circle of traveling(…)

Cuban doctors? Any doctors?

There has been lots of noise about how to fix Brazil’s giant health deficit recently, but little clarity as to what, if anything, will be done. Above, the Cuban and Brazilian foreign ministers setting off the heated debate. For the past week, Brazil has been having a somewhat puzzling discussion about its medical system. There(…)

Watching Venezuela

I don’t believe that it’s just because I lived there that my eyes are on Venezuela today. I think everyone with an interest in Latin America is paying attention, after Hugo Ch√°vez, one of the region’s most transformative leaders, died yesterday at the beginning of another six-year term. It goes without saying that the man(…)

Brazil economy – bad news

Guido Mantega – Taking heat. In the last 3-4 days, international opinion on the Brazilian economy has turned. It all started last week, when Guido Mantega, Brazil’s Finance Minister, predicted the beginning of a turnaround in the country’s economy. Then the actual third quarter results came out, far below what he, and even the most(…)

A tale of two elections – Brazil and Venezuela

In many ways, political culture in South America’s two most-watched countries couldn’t be more different. Brazilian voters, like this one walking over campaign flyers yesterday, are less politicized, and choose between candidates who agree on the big questions. Yesterday, Brazilians and Venezuelans went to the polls. Here, voters broadly voted to maintain the powers that(…)