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Inside Brazil’s ‘Black Bloc’ protests

Dom Phillips reports from inside Brazil’s most recent protests in Rio and talks to a ‘Black Bloc’ style protester,¬†whose clashes with police have increasingly dominated coverage of the demonstrations and may even be scaring other protesters away. All photos Dom Phillips By Dom Phillips There were seven protests planned in Rio de Janeiro¬†on Saturday¬†‚Äď Brazilian(…)

Brazil’s M√≠dia NINJA: Outside the axis

Handheld, improvised ‘NINJA’ journalism has changed the way Brazil watches the protests unfold. But recently, the group itself has become the story, as the little-understood collective they sprung from has come under digital scrutiny from all sides. Photo: M√≠dia NINJA By Claire Rigby Last week, Folha de S.Paulo’s Los Angeles correspondent Fernanda Ezabella breezed into(…)

Popeweek 2013

In 2013, this is what it looks like when the Pope is about to pass by in front of crowds. Smartphones and cameras everywhere. It’s Popeweek here in Rio de Janeiro, and that has absolutely dominated news coverage. Since my main employer, the LA Times, is a newspaper in a Catholic-heavy city in a very(…)