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Vincent Bevins é colaborador do jornal britânico 'Financial Times' e correspondente no Brasil do 'Los Angeles Times'. Escrito em inglês, blog aborda principais acontecimentos do Brasil sob o olhar de um estrangeiro.



From Brazil signing off

Por Vincent Bevins

This “experimental” blog started up in the beginning of February 2012. Which means that, remarkably, we have managed to keep the thing going for over four years. I might even go so far to say that we had a pretty good run.

But we’re stopping now, and most likely forever.

First, that occasion calls for heartfelt thanks you to all the contributors without whom I could have never kept it alive, let alone made it into an appreciated source of information on Brazil in the English language. So, thank you to Claire Rigby, Dom Phillips, James YoungMauricio Savarese, Anna Jean Kaiser, Gaía Passarelli, Sam Cowie, Nathan Walters, Gavin Andrews, Jules Boykoff, and Laura McQuillan. We’ve linked to their relevant Twitter accounts and updated the bios of the main contributors on this profile page in case you want to find out what they’re doing now.

Secondly, we’re very proud of everything we’ve done, and this send-off post may forevermore be sitting at the top of an inert blog. So we decided to include links to a small number of texts we enjoyed publishing in years past, or that we believe might stay relevant in the future.

Here are some of them:


On beauty in Brazil’s old-school celebrity culture
The type of public women that the Globo network requires, by Dom Phillips
Why has Brazil been getting richer?
Explaining the boom that came before the bust, by Vincent Bevins
Coming up from the street – new movements in downtown SP
Recreating urban life in South America’s biggest city, by Claire Rigby
Who is Neymar?
The new soccer phenomenon, by Dom Phillips


The World cup and politics – a love story
To understand why they built those stadiums, look at political football, by Mauricio Savarese
Blue murder: São Paulo police accused of massacres
On state terror, by Claire Rigby
Rio – it’s a jungle out there
Class and crime on the beaches, by Dom Phillips
Fear and loathing in São Paulo
On the streets the night that the protests erupted, by Claire Rigby
Brazil protests – what is going on?
Taking stock a bit later, by Vincent Bevins


The worst thing about Brazil
nequality and class prejudice so brutal that it becomes second nature, by Vincent Bevins
Brazil nut farmers in the Amazon – photos
Images from the other side of the continent, by Gavin Andrews
Terror in Brazil’s prisons
Trapped in hell, by Dom Phillips
São Paulo: A users’ guide
This big bad city has a heart of gold, by Claire Rigby


Eduardo Cunha and Brazil’s backwards Congress
Explaining the worst of Brasília politics, by Anna Jean Kaiser
The great illusion
What if no one showed up to Carnaval? By James Young
Who’s who in the battle for Brazil?
Why are battling with pro-government protesters and hugging the ones that want it destroyed? By Vincent Bevins
TV from the dark ages shines spotlight on Brazil’s race debate
Shocking racism in the country that won’t speak its name, by James Young

2016 posts still show up on the main blog page, and for everything else you can use the search bar or flip back through the full 23 pages of links. There’s plenty more.

You can find me at or on Twitter @Vinncent.
Thanks and Goodbye!

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