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The great illusion

What if they put on Carnaval, and nobody came? A short work of fiction By James Young It was a glorious Saturday morning in Recife. A statue in the form of a multicolored rooster, the Galo da Madrugada, towered over the Duarte Coelho Bridge, streamers hung from the lampposts and on every street corner someone was(…)

Brazil 2013, in stories

In deference to what now seems a rule mandating publications to ‘wrap up’ the past year, this is a list of some of the articles, in English, that told the story of Brazil in 2013. For this we turned to Sergio Charlab, a Brazilian journalist who maintains a very active Twitter with updates on pieces written(…)

Why is Brazil important?

– After a decade of economic growth and explosive protests, how does one explain what Brazil is to the outside world? Mauricio Savarese, a journalist from São Paulo, recounts his experiences over the last year in London, and dealing with a reputation often defined by old stereotypes or a tiny circle of traveling(…)

Brazil vs. England, at Maracanã

Though both the stadium and Brazil’s national side are still ‘under construction,’ Sunday’s match was a largely successful and inspiring example of what the World Cup here can be. Above, a dedicated England fan…who is Brazilian. By Dom Phillips Be careful around the Maracanã, because that part of town can be a bit sketchy, one carioca,(…)