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Brazil 2012 – year in review

This year, the country didn’t deliver on everything international observers thought the country had promised, but Brazil still remains one of the 21st century’s most remarkable success stories. 2013 could be decisive. For those paying attention to Brazil headlines, 2012 was mostly a bad year. For some, it was enough to re-evaluate the status as(…)

Brazil under construction

South America’s largest country is finally, hopefully, on its way to patching up its woefully lacking infrastructure. But fixing one problem sometimes means dealing with others. By Dom Phillips Living in Rio can at times feel like living on a construction site. Construction is all around: a new metro line, new highways, the whole decayed(…)

Network desperation

Despite sky-high prices, experiences with cell phone service or at airports in Brazil are often not just bad. They can be downright Kafkaesque. By Dom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro I think my smartphone is having an existential crisis. It spends an inordinate amount of its time either Sem Serviço (without service) or Buscando(looking), rather(…)

Is the real problem infrastructure?

Continuing on yesterday’s theme, here is another major consideration: I report in this Los Angeles Times cover story that Brazil’s infrastructure is woefully inadequate. Investments here could not only improve prospects for the World Cup in 2014 and the Rio 2016 Olympics, but also make Brazilian products more competitive and give those of us that(…)