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Discovering Brazil through literature

Nathan Walters asks why so few foreigners recently have chosen to capture Brazil in letters, and takes us through the rare exceptions that open up the country to international readers. Above, the cover of a recently published book by From Brazil contributor James Young. Nathan Walters So much of Brazil’s literary treasures remain locked in the(…)

FLIP 2013

Brazil’s annual literary festival is a clever, unfussy and efficient event, interspersed with moments of unpredictable intellectual drama. Dom Phillips shares some stories from FLIP 2013. by Dom Phillips Literary festivals, like soccer matches and movies, need big moments. This one came during a ‘table’ – or mesa, as roundtable debates at the Paraty International Literary Festival,(…)

FLIP literature festival – preview

If you care about literature and/or Brazil , pay attention to FLIP this July – Dom Phillips The Paraty International Literary Party (Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty), or FLIP, as Brazil’s biggest literary festival is known, announced its 2013 lineup in Rio last Thursday. Palestinian poet Tamim Al-Barghouti and French novelist Michel Houellebecq are among the(…)

FLIP – Paraty’s Literary Festival

Performers on stilts and gringos on paddleboards were two of the unexpected, but wonderful, experiences over the weekend event which brings Brazil face-to-face with the world’s literary powerhouses. By Dom Phillips Wobbling atop a stand-up paddle board may not be the most conventional way to view a literary festival. But it’s certainly the most scenic.(…)