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Carnaval spreads across the land

Carnaval, long concentrated in traditional party centers like Rio, Salvador, and Recife, is taking roots in new cities all over the country. James Young reports from landlocked BH, Brazil’s unglamorous third-largest city, which is learning to put on its own celebrations. By James Young Brazil’s carnaval capitals are well established. There’s frevo music on the steep cobbled(…)

Gaía Passarelli: new music Brazil

What’s going on in Brazilian music? Journalist and former MTV Brasil presenter Gaía Passarelli introduces a few bands from the contemporary scene, who draw on 70s-inspired soul, Brazilian folk/country, and stoner rock. by Gaía Passarelli Of course, I’m very happy to report that there is good new music in Brazil. But it may be that this is always(…)

Anitta – Funk light

The video behind Brazil’s latest pop sensation, who has scored with her looks, aspirational songs, and a more bubblegum take on Rio’s ghetto sounds.   by Dom Phillips   She is powerful, she knows how to wobble all the rights bits when she dances, and she will make you drool with desire.(…)

Brazil 2012 – year in review

This year, the country didn’t deliver on everything international observers thought the country had promised, but Brazil still remains one of the 21st century’s most remarkable success stories. 2013 could be decisive. For those paying attention to Brazil headlines, 2012 was mostly a bad year. For some, it was enough to re-evaluate the status as(…)

Emicida – full interview

Emicida, one of the stars bringing Brazil’s intelligent, poetic, and radical hip hop scene into the spotlight, speaks to us for the Los Angeles Times. On Sunday, I published this article on the rise of rap music in Brazil, featuring quotes from interviews with Criolo and Emicida. Below is the (relatively) complete transcript of the(…)